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What is the Difference between Airline CPET Tray and PET?
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What is the Difference between Airline CPET Tray and PET?


1. The difference between airline CPET tray and PET

The main types of PET sheets are: amorphous PET (APET) sheets, crystalline PET (CPET) sheets, GPET and foamed PET sheets. The CPET sheet is a crystalline sheet made of PET resin, and because of its high crystallinity, it is generally opaque. The airline CPET tray boasts its good high temperature resistance and wide operating temperature, generally -40~200℃, which is a good material for making trays and lunch boxes of microwave ovens and ovens.

2. The application of airline CPET tray

Airline CPET tray is a type of high temperature resistant airline food container. Airline CPET tray has such advantages as good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, environmental protection, and high cost performance. Airline CPET tray can withstand temperatures up to 220°C, and it can be taken directly from the refrigerator to the oven. 

Airline CPET tray application: CPET plastic products include lunch boxes, trays, cups, which can be used in aviation lunch boxes, baking cake boxes, egg tart boxes, steamed cake trays, food and medical disinfection trays, electronic baking varnishes and electronic screen thermal curing trays.

Airline CPET tray products are recycled, without any toxic and harmful substances, and reach the food grade. Moreover, the market demand for airline CPET tray products is very broad. CPET trays are not only used in airline meal boxes. Many airlines are currently seeking alternatives to aluminum foil meal boxes. CPET products have become the best alternatives due to their high performance ratio. They can be used as food packaging, baking lunch boxes, and cooking trays. The product can be used for baking varnish of electronic products, and as trays when the surface is cured and baked. CPET products can also be used in medical packaging that requires high temperature resistance.