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Why Do Flight Attendants Often Put Airline Refreshing Towels in Their Bags?
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Why Do Flight Attendants Often Put Airline Refreshing Towels in Their Bags?


1. Airline refreshing towels in the flight attendant's bag

It's believe that some friends who have taken an airplane must be very interested in the good-looking flight attendants on the airplane. And they have also become a dazzling sight of the airport, and we often see some flight attendants who take out airline refreshing towels from their bags instead of tissues. Why do so many flight attendants bring airline refreshing towels?


2. Airline refreshing towels have other uses

Everyone knows that airline refreshing towels are generally disinfected. They can not only replace ordinary face wipes, they can also moisturize the skin. The flight attendants are almost on the plane all day, the air in the plane is not circulated with poor air quality, which also caused many flight attendants to have very poor skin quality, and the flight attendants must wear makeup, which also makes their skin problems even more serious. In this situation, the airline refreshing towels can help moisturize the skin, which is also very good for flight attendants.

In fact, airline refreshing towels are not only used for skin moisturizing, they can also perform some disinfection effects. Sometimes when some passengers accidentally scratched on the plane, the flight attendant can take out the aviation wet wipes in the bag and sterilize the passengers. At this time, a small airline refreshing towel can play its role. The general airline refreshing towels also contain alcohol, which is volatile. When we encounter some people with heatstroke, we can wet the airline refreshing towels with water and place them on the forehead. Alcohol evaporates quickly, which can have a cooling effect, which is also one of the very important functions in the hot summer.

Unexpectedly, a small piece of airline refreshing towels has so many functions, and they can also play a great value in the hands of flight attendants, so flight attendants often put airline refreshing towels in their bags.