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Biodegradable Tableware-Environmentally Friendly Tableware New Trends
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Biodegradable Tableware-Environmentally Friendly Tableware New Trends


The growing popularity of biodegradable tableware is made from biodegradable materials that are considered environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. 

Biodegradable tableware includes food containers and tableware such as biodegradable utensils, dishes, plates, cups, bowls, takeout containers, boxes, and meal trays that can decompose within months of being discarded.

GXFLIGHT-as one of the biodegradable tableware manufacturers provides environmentally Friendly tableware to the airline company. Companies are developing plant-based products that will biodegrade when they are no longer needed.

What is biodegradable tableware?

Biodegradable tableware is an alternative to non-biodegradable plastics. This tableware is made up of waste materials such as bagasse, paper pulp, and bamboo, among others. Rising awareness regarding the harmful effects of plastics is a major factor driving demand for biodegradable tableware across the globe. Sugarcane tableware and cornstarch tableware are becoming more and more popular.

Main Benefits of Biodegradable Tableware

Easy to decompose

Biodegradable tableware takes only three to six months to fully decompose, far quicker than traditional plastic which can take hundreds of years. When placed in the appropriate conditions, compostable utensils will generally decompose within 180 days, sometimes sooner, depending upon the exact type of resource that they are made of. Some resources tend to decompose more quickly than others.

Biodegradable products break down into carbon dioxide, water vapor, and organic material, which aren't harmful to the environment. Typically, they're made from sustainable materials and plant by-products, such as cornstarch or sugarcane.

More Energy Efficient

Making biodegradable tableware such as compostable PLA disposable tableware is more energy-efficient and requires less energy to be manufactured. Degraded plates and cutlery require less energy to manufacture.

Another benefit of using biodegradable dishes is that they don't need to be washed. No trash bags are required to clean up, just add the container to your compost bin or compost pile.

Our products are made from annually renewable agricultural feedstocks and require less energy to produce than petroleum products. It takes 2/3 less energy to make our fiber containers, plates, and bowls than it takes to make just one Styrofoam board. It takes 1/2 the energy to make our plant-based cutlery compared to polystyrene cutlery. Using less energy means less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.


Non-toxic for Human and Soil

GXFLIGHT manufactures a range of eco-tableware like plates, cups, spoons, bowls, and trays. All these are made from sugarcane pulp or PLA and are 100% compostable, and non-toxic for humans and soil.

These biodegradable eco-friendly tableware products from GXFLIGHT have no binders and no additives. It's the most natural thing that you could use and it's 100 percent compostable.


Sturdy and Microwave Safe

Some of our compostable tableware materials are made to withstand high heat, they are designed to be microwaved. 

Sustainable tableware such as sugarcane pulp tableware is ovenable, microwaveable, and freezable. Its temperature range is -20 to 220 degrees Celsius. It is made out of natural fibres, but sturdy and lightweight enough to make packing easy.

Biodegradable Tableware Market Trends

Biodegradable tableware is becoming a growing trend and is used globally to reduce plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The biodegradable tableware market size was valued at USD 2,754.9 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 4,355.1 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.01% from 2019 to 2026.

Biodegradable polymers have experienced strong growth over the past three years and will further penetrate a market traditionally dominated by conventional thermoplastics in the future.

The biodegradable tableware market is expected to grow at a growth rate of 6.0% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.

Where to Buy High-quality Biodegradable Tableware?

Compostable and biodegradable products designed & manufacture by GXFLIGHT are made from renewable resources such as sugarcane, bamboo, paper, and among others. Tableware contains bowls, plates, trays, and cups that will offer many benefits which are suitable for hot and cold beverages, high strength, and performance.