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Sustainability in Airline Wood Cutlery Sets
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Sustainability in Airline Wood Cutlery Sets


Single-use plastics pose real long-term risks to the environment and humans. Disposable wooden utensils are a sustainable alternative. Airline wood cutlery sets are a sustainable way to reduce our reliance on plastic, especially in the restaurant industry, as they use fewer resources, create fewer by-products and generate less waste than single-use plastics. In addition, when produced using a robust supply chain, they are cost-competitive with plastic and give restaurants an eco-friendly image.

1. Sustainability of airline wood cutlery set

Just like cornstarch disposable cutlery, one of the key sustainability benefits of aviation wood cutlery sets is that they are compostable. Composting ensures that most of the carbon and nutrients stored in wood are reused in soil and plants. This means less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and nutrients are recycled. The airline wood cutlery set is compostable in both home composting and commercial composting systems. This allows restaurants and customers to handle them easily and efficiently.

At worst, if consumers don't compost aviation wood cutlery sets, they end up in landfill. In landfills, aviation wood cutlery sets will still break down naturally, but it will take longer than composting. Depending on the conditions of the landfill, this can range from a few weeks to decades. Single-use plastics are not compostable, so they go straight to landfill. In landfills, they can take up to 1,000 years to fully decompose. These plastics accumulate in landfills over time, which can cause many problems.

Thus, airline wood cutlery set such as disposable bamboo cutlery is more friendly to the environment.

2. The benefits of airline wood cutlery set for your company

For restaurants, switching from single-use plastic cutlery to aviation wood cutlery sets has a positive impact on the environment. A study by global market research firm Nielsen found that 66 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive environmental change. That's up from 33 percent of consumers in 2010. It is clear that there is value in the sustainability of aviation wood cutlery sets and the public demand for environmentally conscious businesses.