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Usage Specifications and Purchasing Tips of Disposable Hand Sanitizer
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Usage Specifications and Purchasing Tips of Disposable Hand Sanitizer


1. Usage specifications of disposable hand sanitizer

In addition to choosing the right disposable hand sanitizer, it should also be used correctly. When using disposable hand sanitizer, we should pay attention to the reasonable dosage. According to the instructions in the product manual, it is usually the size of a coin. Squeeze a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer to palm and rub both hands together until dry ( 30 seconds to 1 minute ). The finger joints and fingertips should be fully covered.

It is especially important to note that it is not advisable to wipe off the wet hand sanitizer with tissue, because it may affect the effect of use. Disposable hand sanitizer has sterilize function. However, the sterilization effect will be significantly reduced if the hands are oily or dirty, so it is also necessary to keep your hands clean.

In terms of storage methods, alcohol hand sanitizer should be kept away from fire sources and direct sunlight.

Hand sanitizer is for external use only. If swallowed seek immediate medical advice.

2. Purchasing tips of disposable hand sanitizer

When buying disposable hand sanitizers, we should focus on the alcohol content marked on the package. For the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 75% alcohol is the best choice, and the alcohol concentration between 60% and 80% is also in the effective range. Consumers can choose 30-100 ml of alcohol disinfecting gel or spray to disinfect their hands, mobile phones, steering wheels, and other frequently contacted items when entering and leaving different places.