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How to Choose the Right Airline Blanket for Yourself?
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How to Choose the Right Airline Blanket for Yourself?


Taking a long-haul flight to your dream destination is so exciting. However, when using airline blankets provided by airlines, you may worry about the cleanliness of the blankets. So now many people start to bring their own airline blankets. When you fly over the ocean or start a long journey, you can guarantee that you will feel warm and comfortable. With so many options on the market, it may be difficult to determine which airline blanket is best for you.

Ⅰ. How to choose suitable airline blankets for yourself?

Firstly to consider your travel style and comfort level. If you always catch a cold, then consider looking for the best heated airline blanket. Some people don't need overweight blankets, so they should look for medium-weight options. Some airline blankets have other uses. Some can be used as travel pillows or even provide lumbar support.

The airline blankets can be used in airplanes, trains, buses, road trips, or even just in hotels. Different blankets have different advantages and disadvantages. Consider what type of travel you tend to take. If you want to go backpacking, or if you prefer to travel by plane, train or bus, then a thin airline blanket may become very important because it will make it easier to carry.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention when choosing airline blankets

1. Durability. A high-quality airline blanket can be used for a period of time. Don't be too affected by the price, because you don't want to end up with getting a low-quality blanket. Please pay attention to factors such as edge sewing quality and resistance to tearing and pilling.

2. Easy to use and carry. When you are on a trip, you don't want to make anything more complicated. Consider how easy it is to roll up an airline blanket and how easy it is to store it when it is not in use. Some blankets are made in a poncho style, so they are easier to be fixed than ordinary blankets. Think about how you travel and what is most convenient for you.

3. Machine washable. Machine washable airline blankets are often the easiest to clean, but depending on the material you choose, you may not have this option.

4. Materials. This will have a great impact on the warmth and comfort of the blanket, which are the two most important things to consider before buying. Common materials are polyester, modacrylic fiber, polar fleece, duvet and wool. The biggest advantage of polyester is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and has high strength and elastic recovery capabilities. It is durable, anti-wrinkle, non-ironing, and non-sticky. The main feature of modacrylic fiber is that it is with good feel, elasticity, and warmth. Polar fleece is fluffy and dense, but not easy to shed hair or suffer pilling. The brushing in the reverse side is sparse and well-proportioned, and is also fluffy with a very good elasticity. Then, as for duvet, some blankets will contain duck down known for keeping warm. Fleece, which is usually made of a type of polyester, but it feels like wool. Usually wool is a thicker and heavier material, but there are also lighter and thinner materials specifically designed for travel. And an airline fleece blanket is also a good choice. Polyester is probably the most commonly used material in airline blankets. As we all know, this material is lightweight and durable. In some blankets, polyester is mixed with other materials such as nylon.

5. Size. It is important to ensure that the airline blanket can cover you and be stored in your luggage easily.

How to Choose the Right Airline Blanket for Yourself?